2 awsome rescue rabbits for adoption

Hi- We are looking for a rabbit loving home to adopt our 2 sweet -shy amazing indoor rescue rabbits. Bunny is a large beautiful Flemish rabbit and booboo is her companion he is a small white rabbit with a black nose- they both met at bunny dating day and are very bonded and have to always stay together- they love each other very much and are sooo much fun to watch together and are shy with fun personalities. We LOVE THEM VERY MUCH…
they come with two large indoor cages - a large playpen - litter boxes- peepads and other supplies… we would love to see them adopted into a great home where they will be loved as much as we love them… As rescues they deserve to have a
great home. They are part of our family and it is soooo sad to have to find them a new home. Please private message us… thank you

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