Art Trails experience from the artist's perspective

I’m thinking of participating in Art Trails this fall. I have attended as a participant, but wonder about the experience of the artists that have participated. I would also love to hear advise from artists on how to make the experience positive for myself and the people who may like to see and or buy my art
Thanks in advance!

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I did Art At The Source a couple times. It was a good experience both times. I build and do inlay on musical instruments so I had fellow musicians come and play throughout the weekends. We also had a potluck for musicians on the last day, We invited art lookers to grab a plate as well. Made a party out of it.

The only issue I had with the whole operation is I was in an insurance dead zone. If you are selling your art according to my insurance agent I was not coved for liability. With a couple hundred people wandering onto my place and crowed parking at times that was not a great situation. I brought this up to the Art at The Source organizers (same folks run Art Trails) and they kind of just himed and hawed with no solution for a home owner artist. They may have dealt with that by now. You could yourself purchase event insurance for a couple hundred 4 years ago but you need to do so well in advance.

I sold several instruments both times but the payoff was mainly in making contacts for commissions . I had the feeling in visiting artistes the last few years before covid that traffic and buyers were down. There is somewhat of an art glut here in the North Bay.

Best of luck should you go for it.


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Thanks Michael for your insights. Considerations like insurance was something that I didn’t think of and really appreciate you bringing it up.