Artsy Postcard of the Day

Inspired by LarryRobinson’s Poem for the day, I launch the topic, Artsy Postcard of the Day, as a visual arts compliment to that day-by-day versification.

The first postcard, I LOVE WITH ALL MY HEART, was created for Valentine’s Day (yesterday):


Today’s postcard (also a poem):

Snowflakes of insight accumulate,
Awaiting the avalanche
Of enlightenment.

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Today’s postcard:

Paint pictures with pigments of imagination.

Postcard for today:

Discard that which does not serve you.

Postcard for today: Life imitates Art

Life imitates Art illustrated:

You are watching daisies on a screen
watching daisies on a screen.

Postcard for today: WILL WORK FOR PEACE

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Management Tip:
Even a COG works better with reCOGnition.

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Today’s “Artsy” Postcard: BE EGG-CENTRIC

For those who are eccentric, it helps to also be hard boiled if you intend to come out of your shell.

Today’s Postcard: When Life Hands You Lemons

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Artsy Postcard of the Day:

Dance is Romance
~ between ~
Space and Time

Evocative imagery paired with expository prose:

Imagine a circle: at eleven o’clock the phrase, “Dance is Romance,” arcs across the top. At eight o’clock and two o’clock are two silhouettes. At eight o’clock stands a long-haired woman in a wide-stance back bend, arms extended gracefully above and behind. From the two o’clock position leaps a lithe male dancer, airborne in a bent-leg ballet jeté, arms also extended, in front and behind .

Between the two silhouettes stretches the word, ~ between ~. The words, “Space and Time,” bend beneath like a chair-rocker at five of the clock to complete the circuit.

This circle of expression floats against a backdrop of mist and above a mist-drenched, tiled courtyard receding in visibility. In the foreground, a glistening cobblestone carriageway frames a stone pedestal planter with a dense spray of pale red blossoms, the only color in this mist (and mystery?) shrouded image.

Artsy Postcard for today: The BINGE-PURGE Yin-Yang
Each phase seeding the subsequent cycle

Artsy Postcard for today:


OHM and OM: when homonyms become antonyms

Today’s postcard: Inspire until you Expire

Postcard for (an imaginary) tomorrow, because February 28th is as close as we will get to Leap Day in 2021:

Today is Leap Day
Jump for Joy

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On this first day of Women’s History Month, today’s postcard/book-cover is:

Fifty Grades of Pay
The TRUE obscenity of women subjugated by income inequity

Naturally, this is a play on the original New York Times Bestseller, Fifty Shades of Grey , by E.L. James, both visually and conceptually.

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Postcard for today (as people have voted on monetary measures A and B):


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Artsy postcard for today:


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Today’s postcard:

A bumpy road in life tests your suspension of disbelief.

Today’s postcard suggests:

To understand a tree, stand under a tree:

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Today’s postcard: The Job Interview

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