Availability and location of Covid Vaccines

Does anyone have any good ideas about where and how to get Covid vaccines for 65 year olds?

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Although our article on Feb. 3 indicated that West County Health Services (WCHS) would be opening vaccinations for people aged 65-69 on Feb. 15, WCHS has now pushed that date back and isn’t giving a date when that might be available.

An update from their website on Feb. 11 reads as follows: “Note: Persons aged 65 and older will be included in future eligibility expansions based on the ability to vaccinate sufficient persons aged 70+ and will be determined by the Sonoma County Department of Health Services.”

The page to check for most recent information on their vaccination program at Analy High School and in Guerneville is here:

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If you are under-insured or not-insured you can likely receive one at the fairgrounds through Santa Rosa Community Health; you can also receive one from them if you have Medi-cal.
Your insurance provider may have better information; I know Kaiser is moving a bit more slowly. Also, due to the winter storms, there is some delays in shipments, however certainly hoping things quickly work out in that regard.

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Interesting new article in Townsy News about this:

Also, the West County Health Clinics have stopped taking individual appointments at Analy High School and Guerneville. Find out more in the article.

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Thank you so much for this! Gosh, I have never experienced such personalized response from a community bulletin board. I very much appreciate your commitment to community service!

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Thanks for this. I have been in touch with Kaiser about when their vaccine’s will be available for my age group. It sounds like they will try to open up scheduling for 65 + yrs. starting on Monday.

Thanks for looking out for me!

Warmest best wishes,