Braver Angels - restoring civility to political discourse

Hello all. This is my first post here at Townsy Sebastopol. I hadn’t posted to Wacco in ages and was surprised to find it closed. The times are always a changin’ I guess.

I wanted to invite interested folks to look into the organization Braver Angels. They are dedicated to reforming and reinvigorating civil discourse — to help to depolarize our current political environment.

They do this by hosting events, debates, and workshops that bring together Democrats and Republicans in a supportive environment. Pre-pandemic, these were live events. Currently, they are mostly held using Zoom.

I joined a few months back. My experience has been profoundly positive, and I encourage people who want to help support and grow a return to civil political discourse to give them a look. You can find events to attend on their website. If you want to join, membership starts at $12/year, but you don’t have to be a member to attend events or to get on their mailing list (that’s how I started).

Braver Angels members try to develop local groups, called Alliances, where possible. The goal is for them to consist of equal numbers of Red and Blue members. There is a recently formed Sonoma Alliance of which I’m a member. If you are interested in learning more visit the website. Feel free to email me: paulhenrysATgmailDOTcom. The group could especially use more conservative voices.


I’m interested in this group, and I signed up for their emails. I know they got a lot of flak for doing a debate on election fraud. But I understand the reasoning. At this point, because of the media they consume, half the country believes the election was rigged. I feel they’re wrong, and I think the facts show that. But we can’t just ignore this. I thought it was brave of them to take this on.

Well, the aim of Braver Angels is to re-engage civil political discourse, so nothing should really be out of bounds. I was at that debate and it enabled the airing of a variety of opinions and yet was enjoyed by all in a respectful atmosphere.


@PaulHenryS What is Braver Angels newest project?