Conversation: How Our Democracy Almost Died - Watch the recording on Youtube

Did you miss this event? Watch it on Youtube:

Join us for a virtual discussion on Thursday, Jan. 28, 5 to 6 pm, on how American democracy nearly collapsed as its gatekeepers were under siege. With special guests Daniel Ziblatt, co-author of How Democracies Die; Lowell Bergman, Pulitzer-prize winning journalist; John Grech, history teacher at El Molino High School, and Rollie Atkinson, owner and publisher of Sonoma West Publishers.

Zoom Meeting ID: 653 121 1630
Passcode: freedoms

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Yes! I watched this, but missed parts because I was multi-tasking. I saved the YouTube link and will watch again. I would love to engage in conversation with other people who watched this and feel inspired to engage in change.

I thought Lowell Bergman‘s comments on the fairness doctrine were particularly germane.