Couple (with baby on the way) seeking spot to park beautiful schoolbus home ASAP

Hi community!
Joy and Conner (plus little one coming end of September) are still looking for a place to park beautiful converted school bus.

The home is almost finished and we are certainly ready to nest and prepare for our little one’s arrival. The ideal is a quiet, private/semi-private spot with some trees, place to garden and relax. Permission to build a deck would be great but not necessary.
The bus is 37ft. It will have a composting toilet, grey water tank, and solar panels. Water hookups will be needed. Power hookups may be needed for AC unit in summer months.

About us:
We are a clean, quiet, respectful, communicating, sober, meditating couple. We share a love for the land and for immersing ourselves in nature and respecting nature and resources. We love growing food and flowers. Family and community are very important to us and would enjoy a community setting as well as a more private situation. We practice Non Violent Communication and are respectful of others space and requests. Spirituality and volunteer work are a big part of our lives. Conner currently works in Petaluma at a small market selling local vegetables and grocery and he also works in massage therapy. Joy is a freelance production assistant working on various projects in Film and Media.
Let’s connect and share more!

Please contact us if you can help us find our special place.

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