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Sonoma County Vaccine Website (click here)

Summary list of all vaccination locations, public and private. Please note that the “current eligibility” column may not be current. (For example, as I read the list right now, I see that the entry for West County Health Centers states that it is vaccinating the 75 and over age group, but the WCHC site itself clearly states it is vaccinating the 70 and over age groups.) But as of Feb 9, 2021, the Sonoma County Vaccine Website list does seem to include all Sonoma County vaccination sites, and the links do go to the appropriate vaccination scheduling site.

West County Health Centers (click here)

For those of us who live or work in West County, this is an important vaccination scheduling website. Review the comments below for some details.


  1. Please reach out to anyone you know who is in the most at risk group (75 and older) to make sure they know about the vaccination clinics. Offer them help getting an appointment. It’s not easy to navigate an online system. I’ve helped a number of people in that age group get it done, and it’s 100% the most satisfying thing I’ve done in dealing with the many trials and tribulations of this pandemic.

  2. If you are persistent in double-checking these scheduling sites, you may find that openings occur that were not listed previously. There is no official explanation, but perhaps it reflects cancelled appointments or the addition of new appointment slots? Regardless, I’ve had multiple people tell me that they found open slots on days that earlier had no open slots. This was specifically in regards to the West County Health Centers vaccination appointment site.

  3. In regards to the West County Health Centers vaccinations, the WCHC website states that it will open new appointment slots each Wednesday evening for the next week. I am told that this happens at 8pm (I am not certain about this exact time). That means, for example, that as of Wednesday February 10, there should be slots available for the week of February 15. Checking the website is a great idea. See link above.

  4. WCHC serves the following groups: Persons who live or work in West County, patients of WCHC, and patients of a medical provider who works in West County.

  5. As of Feb 9, 2021, the County run vaccination sites are offering vaccinations to the following age group: 70 and over. Please note that each private healthcare provider (Kaiser, Sutter, St Joseph) may have different age groups they are serving. If you have private coverage, make sure you check your provider’s website. Those website links are also on the County vaccination website listed above.

  6. The 65 and older age group should be seeing appointment availability soon. The WCHC vaccination site shows vaccinations opening for 65 and over on February 15th. The 15th also triggers qualification for “education essential workers” at WCHC.

  7. Non Age Group Categories: The WCHC website lists as currently qualified (regardless of age) the following groups: All healthcare personnel (home health care, in home supportive services, community health workers and promotoras, complementary and alternative providers, massage therapists, veterinarian, pharmacy, laboratory staff), food and agriculture essential workers (individuals performing agriculture, farm and field work, collecting and processing agriculture products including dairy, egg, poultry, and meat production, individuals involved in the production of food or beverages (including wineries and distilleries, but this does not include restaurants, cook staff or food preparation, educators who have direct pupil contact, and childcare essential workers
    Check out the website above for the full list.

  8. Don’t forget to check with your health care provider about vaccinations opening up for Over 70 and Over 65 age groups, and also about non-age group categories that qualify. As we see these changes happening at WCHC, that’s a hint that the same may be happening soon with private health care providers. I don’t have any direct information about this. It’s just my suggestion that to the extent some of us have private health care plans, we should look to those providers for our vaccines, which will take some of the pressure off County services like WCHC.

  9. Very importantly, this is a constantly changing situation. Everything I’ve written here is accurate as of this moment, but because the County is completely focused on making sure the most vulnerable get the vaccine first, we need to understand that all these parameters can change quickly.

  10. Finally, remember that we will all get vaccines eventually, and that the changes we see happening now are a sign of that eventuality. We need to help each other, especially those most vulnerable, and realize that the only way to get through all of this is together.

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My wife and I got the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine on Feb 7. I prepared my Netflix watchlist and hit the couch as I had read we were likely to feel lousy for a couple days afterward. Just like the first dose I had no negative reaction that I could discern. Might have felt a little heavy upon waking up but was so mild it could have been my imagination.


I’m not sure if I’d describe 2,700 people in the US dying of COVID every day “panic porn” but I too hope getting the vaccine gave Goat Rock some peace of mind.

Useful link re covid deaths per day:

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Soldiers who refuse to get the COVID-19 vaccine and have not requested an exemption will no longer be allowed to re-enlist or be promoted, effectively ending their military careers. The new directive applies to active-duty troops as well as reservists and National Guardsmen, including those serving in states whose governors do not require the vaccine.

The Nov. 16 memo, signed by Army Secretary Christine Wormuth, says troops’ service records will be flagged the day they make their final vaccine refusal, which follows a meeting with a medical professional and a secord order to get vaccinated. This flag will bar them from being promoted, reenlisting, continuing to receive enlistment bonuses, attending service-related schools, or receiving tuition assistance.

“I authorize commanders to impose bars to continued service…for all soldiers who refuse the mandatory vaccine order without an approved exemption or pending exemption request,” Wormuth wrote in the memo. “The Soldier will remain flagged until they are fully vaccinated, receive an approved medical or administrative exemption, or are separated from the Army.”

The issue of vaccinating the force, including the hundreds of thousands of soldiers in the Army National Guard, has come to a head in recent days. Oklahoma governor Kevin Stitt has rebuffed President Joe Biden’s directive that all federal employees, including troops in uniform, be vaccinated, and his state’s adjutant general has told Oklahoma National Guardsmen that they need not comply with the directive.

“We are getting to this point where the federal government and state governments are essentially fighting over who has control of the force,” said Anthony Kuhn, a managing partner at the Tully Rinckey law firm and a New York State Army reservist who specializes in military law.

National Guard troops are largely under Title 32 orders, which puts them under the control of their state governors. When they are activated under Title 10, such as when they deploy overseas, they are under federal control. To retain that ready force for overseas missions—for example guard units were heavily relied upon throughout the miltary’s campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan—the federal government foots the bill for those troops even though they report to their governors, complicating who has authority to direct those Guardsmen to be vaccinated.
telemedicine history timeline
In 2020, the National Guard was used more heavily than it has been since World War II, with members called up to respond to wildfires, domestic unrest, to give COVID shots and respond to flooding and hurricanes.

But the use of the Guard has become more contentious. The issue of who has ultimate authority over the Guard is likely to end up in the courts, said Eugene Fidell, a military law professor at the NYU School of Law.

“There are two clauses in the Constitution, the militia clauses. We, over the decades—centuries, really—we’ve developed a kind of modus operandi, where, you know, ultimate questions have been avoidable. But we’re getting to the point where these questions are not avoidable. And that is a crisis,” Fidell said.

Kuhn said the Army’s decision to cut funding for soldiers and Guardsmen who do not get vaccinated “was not surprising.”

“It’s kind of a backdoor way to force this policy on the states,” Kuhn said.

About 77 percent of the total Army—active duty, Reserve, and Guard—has received at least one shot, and 72 percent are completely vaccinated, according to the latest data provided by Army spokesman Lt. Col. Terence Kelley. Many of the unvaccinated soldiers are in the National Guard or reserves. Only 51.84 percent of the Army National Guard is fully vaccinated; 60.72 percent have received at least one dose of the vaccine, according to data provided to Defense One by the National Guard. There are 329,709 Army National Guardsmen serving in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and U.S. territories.

It has been unclear whether the Pentagon could force Guardsmen, who serve under both federal and state control, to be vaccinated if the governors they serve do not require a vaccine.