Creative w/ Buddha dog seeks housing

61 yr old man with 15 yr old dog (very sweet) looking for housing. We are quiet, clean, I work online (so need high speed internet to be available) as a therapist and producing radio programs. I am financially secure. Prefer a small cabin or cottage or tiny house. If there’s room to garden all the better! I have local references, am ready to move in. Baruch

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Hey Baruch, I started reading this post, thinking, hey, this guy sounds just like Baruch… then get to the bottom and see… it is Baruch!

I would love for you to be able to settle in Sebastopol. I am so disappointed that the first cottage I pointed you towards did not pan out. I hope something similar will come up.

Hey, everyone. Baruch, whom I’ve known for years since I was his web guy, would make an excellent tenant. I recommend him wholeheartedly.