FOUND Wallet in RP on Snyder @ Golf Course Drive

FOUND Wallet on Snyder @ Golf Course Dr (rohnert pk / cotati)

Mr. ______ Gonzalez, Saturday afternoon around 3 PM, I found your wallet on Snyder Avenue by Golf Course Drive in Rohnert Park.

Wondering if you’re offering a reward? I couldn’t find a phone number for you, but I have your CADL…I know I would want mine back; I can’t even count the number of times I’ve had mine lost/stolen, and losing the sentimental stuff like baby pics always pains way more than anything else.

I have to get to work now, this has delayed me over an hour trying to locate you online, but I’ll hold on to it for you as long as I can. Text me ASAP; no email please.

TEXT: (707) 238-2783

@HiThere Why don’t you just turn it in to the local police department? If you have his driver’s license, you know what town he lives in. The police in that town would probably be in a better position to find him and return his wallet to him. Just a thought.