HELP WANTED: Pet- & 420-Friendly IHSS Provider

{Posting for disabled client/roommate; please refer to contact phone # at bottom for replies.}

Pet-Friendly, and preferably 420-tolerant, reliable person wanted for a variety of basic IHSS (In-Home Supportive Services) household tasks. One (female) client has at least 40+ hours authorized per month; another (male) client in household may also have hours available.

Can work as few as 1 or 2 hours a week, or as much as 40+ hours or more a month, depending on skills & availability; applicants with at least some availability on Sundays are STRONGLY PREFERRED!

Please don’t be afraid of hard work! The house could use some attention. Would love to find someone who also enjoys creative, artsy-craftsy projects and activities…! :rainbow::sun_with_face::national_park::performing_arts: Animal lovers welcomed; they’ll be thrilled to meet the two cats :heart_eyes_cat:🐈‍⬛ and one ADORABLE Chihuahua :dog2::paw_prints: in residence.

State wage for IHSS Providers in Sonoma County is $15/hour. Out of pocket pay to supplement or substitute for State wages, (when appropriate), for non-IHSS authorized tasks and/or specific skills (D.O.E.).

Please reply with a TEXT to (520) 812-3580. If text isn’t possible, please be certain to leave voicemail instead.

Please mention your mode of transpo, whether you have other jobs/commitments, whether you are ever available on Sundays at all, what other days/hours you may have available, and anything else you would like to say or ask.

Thanks for reading, replies, and referrals; and Happy Holidays, All!