HIRING: Pet-/420-Friendly IHSS Worker – FLEXIBLE HRS!


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Pet-Friendly, and preferably 420-tolerant, RELIABLE person wanted for a variety of basic IHSS (In-Home Supportive Services) household tasks. One (female) client has approx. 100 hours authorized per month; another (male) client in household may also have hours available.

Flexible hours: Min 1-2 hrs/wk, up to 80+ hrs/mo max, depending on skills & availability; however, applicants with at least Some Availability on Sundays are Strongly Preferred!

Please don’t be afraid of hard work! The house could use some TLC. Would love to find someone who also enjoys creative, artsy-craftsy projects and activities…! :rainbow::sun_with_face::national_park::performing_arts: Animal lovers welcomed; they’ll be thrilled to meet the two cats :heart_eyes_cat::black_cat: and ADORABLE Chihuahua :dog2::paw_prints: in residence.

CA state wage for IHSS Providers in Sonoma County is currently $16.35/hr. Medical and Dental benefits are also available to IHSS Providers who meet eligibility criteria. In-person tasks usually focus on cleaning, meal prep, assistance packing/unpacking for the day, putting things away, etc. No patient transfer/wheelchair, but some help with dressing & balance/leverage, as well as with things that are at bad angles/difficult to reach, is helpful.

SOME tasks for this client can be done remotely from your location; out-of-pocket pay supplements/substitutes for State wages (when appropriate), for tasks outside the scope of IHSS &/or specific skills (such as assistance with calls, email, mail, research, etc.), up to $20/hr max (Neg./D.O.E.).

Remote tasks often include important reminders, like meds, appts, or other crucial info, scheduling appts and other meetings, help with forms, researching information, even assisting with decisions on occasion, like grocery shopping, etc. This is often INCREDIBLY simple work, requiring almost NO skill, however, it requires extreme Punctuality, Reliability, and Attention to Detail, as well as Ability to Follow Instructions To The Letter!!

NOTE: Applicants may pursue the in-person hours, or the remote hours, or both; however, different skills are needed for each of those two categories, so please choose based on your skills and passions.

Please mention in your initial contact:

  • Earliest & Latest Times (“no earlier than __, no later than __”) you wish to RECEIVE Texts &/or Calls
  • Mode of Transpo
  • Other Jobs/Commitments
  • Available on Sundays At All?
  • Other Days/Hours you are Available
  • Anything Else you want to Say/Ask

Thanks for reading, replies, & referrals; and have an Excellent Day, All! :rainbow::sun_with_face::pray::paw_prints:

Serious Applicants, Please Note:

The HRM (Human Resource Manager) who is handling the hiring for this position has a large caseload and works remotely from southern California. An initial interview will be done over the phone as a 3-way conversation with client and HRM; these are always held on business weekdays (ideally on Tuesdays or Wednesdays), & usually in the afternoon; in-person interviews are typically held Tuesdays or Wednesdays with client, after successful phone interview. If you have not received a response to your inquiry within two business days, please reach out again; your information may have gotten buried, we do apologize for the inconvenience!