In which Stareagle discovers that Townsy Cafe is not his cup of tea

I want to edit or even delete a post I just made. How do I do that. I pasted in an article and the first paragraph ended up in some sort of a banner and it makes no sense.

You click on the little pencil underneath the post. (If you’re on mobile, you’ll need to click on the dots ( …) beneath your post to pull up the other options including the pencil.

Thanks for the information. I had posted an essay to the political discussion and it came out unformatted. The first paragraph of my post ended up as a banner across the top of the post. I could not access the article to change it, but now it has disappeared all together. John Omaha

Hi Stareagle - I took down your post because I couldn’t figure out how to fix the formatting problem. But I saved it so you can post it again. Truthfully, though, it kinda freaked me out. It’s vivid description of child sexual abuse as an ongoing metaphor for Donald Trump’s treatment of America made my skin crawl. If you want to post it, I’ll put a Trigger warning on it, which is something I have never done in my entire life. What are your thoughts about this? (Also, gotta run a quick errand; will respond to your response when I get back in an hour or so.)


I used the metaphor of child sexual abuse to do exactly what you experienced.  It freaked you out.  Political arguments do not freak people out.  Historical arguments do not freak people out.  I am a psychologist.  I am an author.  I write impactful prose.  I would like you to publish the piece.  Go ahead, put a trigger warning on it.  I am attaching the article in PDF.  I hope you can work with that.  If not what format would you prefer.  Thank you.

(Attachment Trump Abuses America.odt.pdf is missing)

For some reason the system is putting the text you enter in a scroll box. Would you mind running your text through a text editor—like Notepad or TextEdit— first before pasting it into Townsy. That should remove any hidden formatting. Thanks.

Okay, I did run the article through TextEdit and then pasted it into the political discussion and received a dialogue saying I’d reached the maximum number of posts I could submit in my first day on Townsy. I haven’t published anything. I have submitted but not published. I am ordered by the computer to wait 21 hours to submit my essay.

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Hi John: Well, having now read your entire post, I’m not going to allow this. Explicit depictions of child sexual exploitation, even when when presented as a political analogy, are not going to be a part of this site. Guess I’ll have to add that to the guidelines. Townsy is not WaccoBB. WaccoBB was a wilder place. As a therapist, your job is to wander down some pretty dark hallways. As a journalist, my job is to make sure people don’t throw up on their breakfast while reading the morning paper – or this bulletin board.


I was afraid that Townsy was not going to be a substitute for WaccoBB. I am left knowing that I wrote a very affecting piece. People should be vomiting on their computers over the Senate’s vote to acquit. I will have to find an alternative place to put it. Townsy is clearly not for me.