Joe Biden - yay or nay?

It’s been a weird morning. Now that Joe Biden is safely ensconced in the presidency (and even during the ceremony), my extremely progressive family revved up the circular firing squad, crowing about all the ways he (as a liberal) is going to fail. (“Drone strikes! Venezuela! Jerusalem is still the capitol of Israel!”) Really, guys? Can we just have one moment to take a deep breath and be grateful that martial wasn’t declared and that we have a new president (who, tho’ he isn’t Bernie Sanders, at least isn’t Donald Trump). As Lily Smedhammer of the West County Teachers Union opined, “Hey! We made it with no nukes being sent off. That’s something.” A low bar, I know, but Jeez Louise.

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Even though I would consider myself very liberal in most things I think it best the US is governed from the middle for now. I think Biden will do that. I’m not wild about the guy but that is probably a good thing.


My thought exactly. I’m actually a Bernie Democrat, but I was thinking during the primaries that Joe Biden should have chosen (gasp!) Mitt Romney as his running mate to show that a) Biden was a middle-of-the-road to conservative Democrat (which he is) and b) that people of both parties could be united against the fascist threat that Trump posed. Just a fantasy, of course. This suggestion did not go over well with my friends, lol.


I’m cautiously optimistic, but so far I think he’s off to a good start. He signed a lot of good executive orders right off the bat. The COVID relief package is going to be the first big legislative test, so we’ll see how he does on it.