Looking for home to buy


My wife and I and our two year old daughter are looking to buy a home. We lost our home this fall in the Glass Fire, and are ready to find our next home. I recently remembered waccobb from my move to Sonoma county years ago (which of course led me here), and figured though it’s a long shot, I may as well send out the offer/desire and see what comes.
We are working with our friend/real estate agent and looking at homes in west county, however we haven’t yet found the right place. It just occurred to me that there may be someone readying to put their home on the market (or thinking of it), and perhaps a synchronistic community-based connection is in store.
We love animals, nature, gardening and community engagement; we are kind, fun, organized, responsible and financially stable.
Our timeline is flexible but hoping to transition within the coming three months.

Best wishes to you all; in love and gratitude.