Looking for housing

Hey community,

I’m an artist, teacher, content creator, and maker. I’m single, work at home, and am a lifelong tenant. I’m looking for something long-term.

In fact, I wouldn’t move at all, except my landlord needs the space I’ve been renting for a relative move-in. Which means it’s time for me to move on.

I’m in Petaluma now, love Sebastopol, and will happily consider anywhere in between and around the general area.

I’m open to a 1-bedroom, an inlaw, or an intentional share (I’ve been home-sharing for the last six years and love a lot about it).

It’s May 25th today, and I’d love to find something quickly. Please send any leads my way.

I’ve got excellent references, both as a tenant and as a friend and colleague.

Sue Kearney