Magnolias — where are they? Help this photographer out, thanks1

I’ve been in love with magnolias for over three decades, and every year I find myself drawn back to them as a compelling subject. This is my fourth winter/spring in SoCo. I’ve found many gorgeous trees to admire and capture images of, but I want to locate them all!

I live in Petaluma, and am in (and love) Sebastopol once or twice a week. I only know the beautiful tree in front of the post office (with blossoms too high for my camera to see). I’m sure there are many!

If you have or live nearby a magnolia tree I should know about, let me know! (Notice the map, I want more dots!)


  • Must be accessible by me without acrobatics. (I’m old and beat up enough to want to just walk right up.)

  • Must also be visible to my eye. I’m short. If branches are trimmed above 5’ I can’t do my thing. (I don’t carry a tripod or ladder, though sometimes I really wish I did!)

Help me get dots on my map for Sebastopol and the surrounding area.

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I couldn’t add more images to original post, but wanted you to see what I’m looking for (not everyone calls these trees magnolias).

This is an example of what I’m looking for (I’ll add a couple):

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Hello, I think they’re beautiful too and I also used to think they were ‘pink magnolias’, but they are not. What you’ve taken photos of here are dogwood trees but they seem extremely similar to magnolias, I suspect they are closely related.

Magnolias are white and usually grow larger than dogwoods. True magnolias are my favorite tree and my favorite flower. They have a slightly different smell but they both smell divine! There is a true magnolia @ 740 Mendocino Avenue in Santa Rosa, as well as all over Sonoma County and multiple states that I’ve been in especially on the West coast. There is a dogwood farther south on Mendocino just south of college, on the west side of Mendocino. I wish you luck in your endeavors to capture these beautiful trees and flowers!

Oh, and I believe there one or more apps out there which do actually track trees and flora fauna etc depending on what you’re looking for I would look up apps that track foliage trees flowers etc. I think there are some very good ones out there but I haven’t used any myself.

Nope, not a Dogwood. The photos above are photos of a Japanese Magnolia. The classic magnolia that you see throughout the South is in fact, as you say, white or a pale yellow cream. I don’t even know if these two plants are actually related except by name.

Thanks for letting me know!

Hey @LauraFromTownsy thanks for explaining. FYI these come in yellow (and white!) too.

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