Meditator seeks affordable housing

Meditator seeks affordable housing.

Used to live in Sebastopol and want to come back! Open to living situation in Western Marin or Sonoma Counties. Please see below for details and contact me if you have or know of any matching locations that may open up/exist, even if not now (May, 2021) available? THANKS!

When it’s time for me to hand over my caregiving role (in the Midwest; not sure when; Mom is 89…), this longtime meditator (Tibetan Buddhist) seeks affordable (possibly almost free? Could be a property sitter gig, but with few caretaker duties, and would use dwelling for long-term, mostly silent meditation retreat and solo living.

Can pay up to $300/month.

Prefer free-standing separate dwelling (“Granny unit,” Caretaker’s cottage, original cottage, etc.). Can be VERY SMALL/“Tiny House” size, but no lofts/ladders involved.

Female, over 65, quiet, no pets, no smoking/drugs/alcohol.

Need: few or no stairs, no ladders/lofts, easy access from driveway/parking.

Would appreciate/prefer: separate bedroom (not studio or shared house), some closet space/storage; partially or fully furnished (all appliances and some furniture); clothesline; on the quiet side of things (not right on busy street or near loud construction/agricultural property).

Would need: AC & heat; full kitchen and full-sized refrigerator/freezer, working oven and range; washer/dryer; great wifi possible without cable TV; great cellphone reception (T Mobile); indoor plumbing and shower; screens in windows and doors.

Also, want: somewhere close by (within 30 minutes’ drive, maximum) to swim outdoors year-round (public pools would work, but… oh, a pond or private pool would be awesome!); nearby Farmers’ Markets; shady, private places to meditate outside; owners/land nobles/others on property who understand/are open to observing my silent retreat parameters; may acquire a used piano or would love to use one already there.

As a property presence/property sitter, I can: bring in mail, photograph and forward important pieces; do light gardening/harvesting/watering; turn on/off lights in main house; offer occasional cooking and regular grocery shopping/errands assistance; perhaps more.

Many references available. Lived/worked in Sonoma County from 2002 - 2012, with Sebastopol rental 2005-2012.

Will respond to all genuine leads/inquiries. Best to you all!

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Bless you for caregiving, Sally. I did that with my mom for years. I hope you find a suitable home when the time comes.