MUST WATCH interview about COVID-19 variants/vaccine with editor-in-chief of The Lancet

Mostly focuses on UK but the information presented about the challenges that new variants pose to the vaccine rollout strikes me as being universally applicable.

Timeline of interview:
0:00​ - Introduction
0:33​ - Britain among the worst Covid-19 responses in the world
5:30​ - Why weren’t we more prepared?
11:30​ - Did China deliberately lie about Covid-19?
17:12​ - The role of Covid-denialism
19:25​ - When do we go back to normal?
22:42​ - Will new mutations render vaccines redundant? Do we need zero Covid?
27:00​ - Test-and-trace is here to stay, nobody is saying this
28:58​ - A global health guarantee
31:32​ - We need a bigger role for science in politics
35:09​ - The next pandemic could be our extinction event


Thanks for the helpful timeline!

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