Should the Sheriff's Office cooperate with ICE?

Should the Sheriff’s Office cooperate with ICE? A recent Sonoma West article on Townsy revealed that tip-offs from the Sheriff’s Office to ICE led to 31 arrests in 2019, 12 in 2020. Is this OK with you? Do you think they’re weeding out the bad guys or just randomly discriminating against migrants?

If a non citizen is CONVICTED of a major felony then yes. If not no. It is farcical to believe this state and county could survive without the labor of undocumented workers. My hope is the Biden immigration plan will allow many of the undocumented to get on a path to citizenship… Keep in mind many have no desire to become citizens, they just don’t to live in fear of offending a cop when they get pulled over for a broken taillight. Or offending their neighbor, or pay in to a social security account they will never get benefits on.