Townsy Cafe Book Clubs for West County?

I would really love it if someone wanted to form one (or more!) book clubs on Townsy. Is anyone game? I can envision a classics book group, a non-fiction book group, a literary fiction book group, a mystery lovers book group. Was this every tried on WaccoBB? How’d it work? I was once in a book club where we read one book–Christopher Lasch’s Culture of Narcissism – chapter by chapter every week. We did the same with Camille Paglia’s Sexual Personae. It was grand. Anyone game?


I am starting a new book study group on Zoom. This group is now officially sponsored by the Friends of the San Francisco Jung Institute. We will be reading “In The Image Of Orpheus - Rilke - A Soul History” by Daniel Polikoff. This book follows the course of Rilke’s life and his poetry and examines it from the psychological view of James Hillman. There is no charge to join this probably monthly group, but you will have to purchase the book. The start date will likely be in February, or so. The exact time and day is not scheduled yet. Let me know if you would like to join us!


I like this idea. I’m game. I’m reading two books that I think would be great for book clubs. Two different genres. Non Fiction for Readers and Writers: A Swim in a Pond in the Rain by George Saunders. Science Fiction: Ministry For The Future by Kim Stanley Robinson. Not sure how to make it part of Townsy…connect through Townsy, meet through Zoom or Google Meet? Or??

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Exciting! Maybe we could come up with a basic structure for Townsy Book Groups that people could use (or not use). I’d love it if we could rope Copperfield’s into this in some way. Hmm…open to suggestions.

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Suggestions: A person, who is willing to be the facilitator recommends a book and sets a time frame for sign ups. Maybe 3-6 people in a book group? Maybe Copperfield’s would be open to a 10% book club discount? The book club meets digitally 1x week and the facilitator gives a question about the book to start the discussion. Depending on the book, and the experience of the readers in the group, the group could decide chapter by chapter, section by section, or the whole book. At the end of the book maybe the group could write a review to be shared on this site. Ideally, when we are all vaccinated…the groups could meet in person.

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@maureen That seems like a great solution! How about we make a new topic for each book so group members can add their thoughts and comments here as they read. In addition to the Zoom, I mean. Do you feel like facilitating the first group? I’ll put it in the newsletter.

Totally interested, and eager to hear how things unfold. Thank you for starting this!

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