Welcome to Townsy Cafe

Welcome to Townsy Cafe

Townsy Cafe West County is a bulletin board devoted to building a stronger sense of community and connection in Sebastopol and west county through the concept of the sharing society.

We do this by providing a safe and welcoming place for local folks to share their thoughts and ideas and by providing a place for people to share real tangible goods.

At the Townsy Cafe, you can share ideas, experiences and resources on topics ranging from books to politics to parenting. But you can also offer or find housing, give away books you’re ready to part with or find a home for all those extra jars of jam or the bounty of your home garden.

2020 was a hard and isolating year and 2021 is starting out the same, though there is some light (in the shape of a vaccine) at the end of the COVID tunnel. We hope you’ll use these boards to enrich your life and the lives of other community members and to reach out to one another with open minds, open hearts and open hands.

If you have questions, you can message us here or email us directly at townsyapp@gmail.com.

IMPORTANT: Please read our community guidelines.

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