What if death is our best muse?

Saw this on Philip Van Soelen’s Facebook this morning.

Tango Milonguero
By Laura Lentz

I was dead until death visited me,
and she breathed life back into me,
with red lipstick and stiletto heals and a cigarette.
And if she visits you,
you might find yourself begging for more time,
or having a shot of tequila with her,
or falling over, not remembering anything.
She will catch you, laughing,
She might ask you to dance - the Tango Milonguero
until you are covered in her scent.
Who knows who gets a pass and why?
And what will you do with your life
if death leaves to dance with another?
She has not forgotten you,
She’s waiting for you to take the same route
to work each day -
to say no to all the things
that delight you the most.
The best revenge is to live well,
and give her no reason to call.


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“stiletto heals”

a misprint, or intended?