What online events are nourishing you?

Hey Everybody!

I thought it would be fun if we shared our favorite zoom classes (or other online events) with each other. What’s nourishing you??

I’ll go first:

I’ve been really enjoying a couple of new (to me) conscious dance teachers. It’s more about your energy and “presence” than the moves. The teachers are amazing and give lots of guidance. Typically I don’t care for lots of guidance, but the way they do it’s more like an ecstatic dharma talk! Music is generally good too, but the guidance is what makes them fabulous!

Wednesdays from 5-6:15 pm (opens at 4:45)
Tune with Amber Ryan

(Note times on eventbrite are in Mountain Time)

Saturdays from 10 - 11:30 (opens at 9:30 - with a good orientation)
The 360 Online with Kate Shela

What online events are nourishing you?

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I’ve been running online Dungeons & Dragons games. It’s not the same as playing in person, but I’ll take what I can get!


I would like to try sewing online classes, I am really interested in it!

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Short answer, Barry, is none, if you are specific about “events,” which imply an appointed time for attendance.

I have business meetings with video conferencing, even “attended” an online wedding last year (out of focus, shaky and inaudible), hardly nourishing.

I spend plenty of time online watching tutorials, but those are replays, not live, so I can get the information I need at the time I need it.

I used to LOVE the Zumba classes at Coaches Corner and the Community Center in person, but once classes went to Zoom (Zoomba)… meh, wouldn’t even go there.