What to do about Q in progressive west county?

A friend called me yesterday because another a progressive, west county friend of hers has been absorbed in the national delusion known as QAnon. I hear that the Sebastopol Nextdoor is struggling suddenly with a proliferation of Q talk as well. What’s going on? My friend is thinking about some kind of community response – though she’s not sure what kind. Any ideas?

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There’s a really good podcast called Conspirituality that talks about the intersection of wellness/spiritual communities, Qanon, cults, COVID denial and extreme right wing ideologies. There’s a lot of good info about why it’s happening and how to address it. They also have a good website. Conspirituality.net.

You might also look into Karla McLaren’s work. She has some great resources: (https://karlamclaren.com/support-for-people-trapped-in-qanon-and-for-we-who-care-about-them/?fbclid=IwAR0BpjvM85OrtRaAQa5-9xotYrH90apDpixNGZHD0QsUbW)

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I think the rumor about Nextdoor Sebastopol being over-run by Q folks is just that: a rumor. I was over there today and don’t really see any Q activity to speak of, though there is a petition up to ban it from the site.

It’s really sad news to me that see that Sebastopol neighbors are tuning in on those nutty QAnon ideas. I didn’t know much about Q until all this stuff about that awful Congresswoman M T Green came up. And she’s getting the criticism she deserves–well actually she should be forced to resign. Anyway–Wake Up people. We have to love and protect each other in these difficult times.


Everyone should look at their media resources with a critical eye. I know the limitations of mine. Do you know the limitations of yours?

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It may surprise you to know that I have literally never watched MSNBC in my entire life.

As fun as it is to go back and forth over who’s the most credulous I think it would be more productive for people to show their hands as it were. Lay your “sources” out on the table and let them be assessed.

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The New York Times, the Washington Post, the Press Democrat, the Atlantic, Sonoma West (!), the Elko Daily Free Press (keeping up with my cowboy cousins, who, wow, @Libby, if you think you’re conservative, you should meet them, lol) and the following podcasts: the Making Sense podcast with Sam Harris, The Ezra Klein Show (formerly with VOX, recently with the NYT), Stay Tuned with Preet (Bharara), the Lawfare Podcast, Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History, plus whatever I come across on Google and Apple News. I check in with Fox News website once week just to see what they’re covering.

So is your critique of the “mainstream media” coming from the left?