"Why We're Polarized" by Ezra Klein

This is a sane, readable, thoughtful, provocative book that explains the forces that, since the 1950s, have combined to pull our political system apart and produce the bitter partisanship we are living with today. If you’re interested in knowing how the heck so many people voted for Trump – or for Biden – this gives you the answer. . . . It has a perspective that rises above blame and shame. I learned a lot.


Love love love Ezra Klein. I used to be a regular listener to his podcast on Vox. Even though I’m a New York Times subscriber, I haven’t quite transitioned to his new podcast at the NYT.

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Thinking of trying to do some kind of Townsy Cafe book group around “Why We’re Polarized.” I was once in a book group that took books chapter by chapter–one chapter a week. It works well for deep, dense books. We did Lasch’s Culture of Narcissism and Paglia’s Sexual Personae this way. Do you think an approach like this would be useful for this book?

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That seems really slow to me…the book is divided into two sections. Maybe one section one time and the second section another? Or all at one time? In a way, the second section ties up and makes sense of the first section.???This book didn’t seem that dense to me…a lot of information, but very readable.