WSCUHSD to rebrand high school

I know very little about these high schools or their history. I know a bit more about word-play. I understand the two schools merged are to have new branding, including a new name. The name I suggest for the combined school:


I would strongly advise everyone not to do a Google search for “AnalElmo”

That’s good advice, Jasmine, I’ll take it.

I understand that emotions are running high right now, but maybe it might help to step back and look at some history here. Analy has been Analy for 112 years. For 57 years all the West County kids went to Analy. From what I’ve heard, there was always a split between the River kids and the Sebastopol kids. When El Molino was built in 1965 the River kids left. Now they are coming back. I think anyone who thinks the two school communities will come together and be more blended because the name is changed might be mistaken. There was a division for 57 years before Elmo was born and it had nothing to do with the school’s name. Most kids want to be with other kids they know. I think there may be better ways to spend that money that could actually help the students.